2022 World Cup - Qatar

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Nope...absolutely bluddy HILARIOUS. So glad we won't see that prima-donna again in this World Cup.
Since he doesnt have a club he can stay and watch the final, it will give him more time to practice his pouts and sulks. He was on the pitch 35 minutes, touched the ball 10 times with one shot straight at the keeper. For the whole match here the commentators never shut up about him, even the Morrocco goal was described here as "Ronalodo-esque".
It's been one (insert your choice of sentence enhancer here) odd world cup....LET'S GO....COME ON....eeeerrrrmmm....oh look, BEER!
Try some of this, as weak as its namesake.
Army - Navy game in U.S. now at half time. Army just scored before half time, score is 7-3 Army. Navy score first with 3 pts.
Very entertaining final. Hope the French will pull it off now.
I had just said "It doesnt look like France will get into this game" a minute before they were awarded the penalty. I want Argentina to win just to put Ronaldo into wasp chewing mode.

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