36feet10inches in The Great Outdoors

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Good but make sure you leave some for us. Where are you at. :D

I’m in Großarl, south of Salzburg.

Great photos Tony!

I used to live in Austria, some great tramping (hiking) there.

My first trip overseas at the age of 19 was to Austria in the summer of 1988, actually to the same area I now go skiing couple of times a year. As part of the trip I stayed three nights at Hohenwerfen, famously the castle used as the filming location for Where Eagles Dare (“Broadsword calling Danny Boy”), back in the 80s a youth hostel, now a folk museum. We spent several days hiking and climbing in the nearby Tennengebirge mountains, stunning part of the world.

I grabbed a pic of the castle as we went past it last week. Felt very nostalgic!

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