617 Squadron "The Dam Busters"

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Senior Airman
Aug 3, 2004
Gaza Strip
Try flying a lanc at 60 feet, With a 11,350 ibs bomb thet spins at 500 RPM's. And drop it exctly 428 meters befor a dam. If you think its impossibul, well, this guys did it.
Not to mention the nasty flak guns mounted on the towers of the Moehne Dam, and that they had to fly at 75 feet all the way to the targets, avoiding the flak 'hot spots' in the Rhur, in full moonlight.
and the spotlights under the planes meant they could be seen from miles away, although i'd better point out it was closer to 10,000lbs for the bomb, and you say about flying the lanc at 60, firstly the lanc was suprisingly manouverable for it's size, and during training there's an account of the pilot of a lanc at 60ft looking down and seeing another lanc underneath him!!!

check it out :
Do you know about the story of how the idea behind those lights came about - It wasn't Gibson watching a musical as depicted in the film, but two boffins from Farnborough watching a strip-tease show!

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