A great time for Satellite/Internet Radio...

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Master Sergeant
Greetings ladies and gentlemen.

It's a great time for Satellite/Internet Radio.

First off, Howard Stern said "farwell" to the "standard" radio last Friday. He is now going on satellite radio where no one could shut him up. Where no one could forbid him from interviewing pornstars, getting massage from Jenna Jameson naked (watch the movie "Private Parts"), getting a lap dance from Pamela Anderson... Okay, I think I'm gonna stop here.

You can watch his "Farwell Party" here :
:arrow: http://music.yahoo.com/promos/howardstern/

Secondly, Jeff Fillion will be back on air ! He decided to launch his own Internet Radio called "RadioXPirate.com". So, in a near future, everyone will be able to listen to his show again. Piss on the CRTC !
Sorry to hear that sys....

I had the honor/misfortune of growing up with Howard Stern in my ears, 5 mornings a week, for several years... Growing up on Long Island, his show was the show u listened to on the morning 2 hour commute on the Long Island Expressway (yea right, express... ha!)

While some of his antics are lame and moronic, there are moments of pure genius and monumental FCC muggings... I cant tell u how many times, sitting in the back of the van, with tears running down my face, listening to this clown....

But then again, I grew up into his show... To just start listening to him, like u did, I can see why u feel the way u feel...
lesofprimus said:
While some of his antics are lame and moronic, there are moments of pure genius and monumental FCC muggings

Like when he called up the Iranian Embassy and said he was "FARTMAN."

I liked his first TV show when Richard Simmonds was on - He had people on the show that lost hundreds of pounds. Howard was asking them if they still have cravings to over eat - in the mean time he had stuttering John and Gary lowering pies and a turkey in front of these people's faces with a fishing pole....

My all time favorite is when he had Gilbert Godfrey with Judy Zanunu - that was the only time I think he lost control of his show
Well, as a Canadian citizen, I could not listen to Howard Stern on Canadian radio. (The CRTC decided that we would all be a lot happier if we could NOT listen to him.)

So the lone things I'm aware of are the ones in "Private Parts" and the small bits of American radio that I was able to catch here and there on Internet. But I think that, all in all, he did (and still do) a pretty good job.

And you're right, NS. That's good for Fillion... And for me too. I was actually listening to him before he got fired.

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