Adler's Post-War and Modern Military Aircraft

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This next aircraft is a North American FJ-3 Fury. It essentially was navalized carrier version of the Air Force's F-86 Sabre. I took this picture back in 2013 on the aircraft carrier USS Intrepid at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum located in New York City. It is SN 135868, and is painted in the colors of VF-33 which flew off the USS Intrepid during NATO Exercise Strikeback in 1957.

The FJ-2 Fury was an F-86F (with the slatted wing of the early blocks, as the stalling speed was 16mph lower than with the later "6-3" wing) with wing folds, catapult bridle attachments, tailhook, lengthened nose gear, and the 6x.50mg replaced by 4x20mm cannon. The horizontal tail surfaces were flat, rather than upswept as were all F-86 models.

The FJ-3 had many changes, including replacing the 6,000 lb.s.t. J47-GE-2 (USN version of the J47-GE-27) with a 7,800 lb.s.t. J65-W-2, a larger cross-section intake, and a larger area wing with extended leading surfaces containing additional fuel tanks. The first 344 had the 2 underwing weapons stations of the FJ-2 and the early F-86Fs, but the last 193 had 6 underwing weapons stations (late F-86Fs had 4 stations).

All FJ-3s were retrofitted with a refueling probe for hose & drogue mid-air refueling.
Here we have a Bell UH-1H Huey. This particular aircraft was built in 1963. It completed three tours in Vietnam, and finished its career with the Alaska Army National Guard. It is located in Anchorage Alaska at the Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum.

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If it was built in 1963, it was originally a UH-1D. The -D first flew in 1961, and began deliveries to the US Army in 1963.

The UH-1H was an improved -D, and started deliveries to the US Army in 1967. In addition to many new-build -Hs, a large % of the -Ds were upgraded to -H standard.

It is likely that that example is one of those upgraded -Ds.

As is this one in the Air Combat Museum in Topeka, Kansas: Bell UH-1H Iroquois Huey
Bell Helicopter Company, Forth Worth, Texas, originally built this UH-1H as an UH-1D-BF for the U.S. Army.
Over 2,000 UH-1Ds were built. Many were upgraded to UH-1H standards, and 3,573 UH-1Hs were built for the US Army.

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