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Aug 9, 2004
Hello all. Being new here I probably dont have the authority or respect to make comments like this, but over the week or so i've been on this site I have notices there are painfully few Moderators/Admin staff. Perhaps some of the longer running members that frequently use the site should be given the job?

Sorry if i wasted your time

Well I think thats pretty poor, the site really needs some admin.
"another one would be handy" like you said, that's purely because you're to lazy to do it yourself, and if it's alright with everyone else, i'd rather not be a mod....................
If you ask me, making more people admins here would be pointless unless we get a set of rules to follow. The first and most important rule should be:

"Absolutely NO one word posts, any post that is not at least one sentance or that does not have to do with the topic will be deleted."

Some of you guys seem to think its funny to "spam" the topics with pointless CRAP but I find it really annoying to have to go through 15 pages of one word posts and personal converstaions just to find 3 or 4 posts that have to do with the topic.
And how bout a rule that limits the amount of crying and complaining that members with 42 posts can do...

I'm a member here, so I can "cry and complain" all I want, If I have 42 posts or 4,442 posts.

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