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Airman 1st Class
Mar 7, 2004

Whilst I appreciate the need to edit posts and sometimes completely remove spam, would it be possible for yourselves to do this in such a manner so as not to cause immense confusion. I for one find it rather bewildering when I am perusing a post and then suddenly comments dated 2003 appear. Often these posts are in response to a previous post and it makes absoultly no sense as they just simply do not run in order. As I said before, I do understand the nessicity to remove pointless, off topic posts, and I am sure that the rest of the forum users do as well.
Perhaps it is just me making an undue amount of fuss over nothing but hey...thought I would bring it to your attention.
What we are trying to do as admins is to clean up some of the posts, like the 25 page ones which have multiple pages of converstaion which doesn't add to the overall just of the topic. As we go through them we don't look at who wrote it but we look at the content of the post, and from there delete or move posts as needed. This is all to help new users follow the topics which after the first few posts go way off topic. At the moment we are just trying to cut down on the spam from old posts. However, that does not mean you can not post anything if it is not on topic. Sure you can post a comment that pokes fun, etc.. BUT PLEASE DON'T HAVE THE 1 COMMENT TURN INTO 5 PAGES OF SPAM. If you do feel that you want to make fun of people and etc. we have created a category name OFF-TOPIC / Misc. this will provide you spammers with a protected area to spam away with little admin interaction. Please use this to spread your spam. Please make this work because we don't want to take a harder stance, again you have A WHOLE CATEGORY TO CREAT THREADS, POST MESSAGES. USE IT.
Thank your for you help.
www.ww2aircraft.net Team
i respect that horse, but the thing is is that we need something to set us off on our rambling, it doesnt really just come from anywhere.

im sorry to say that im not as big a fan of the site as i was :|

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