AI aircraft

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You need to manually edit .mis file and play in dogfight mode....... that's how it works.

For more info go at UBi...... there are several such threads there.
go to google and look up all aircraft arcade and dl the mod...but u need the game patched to 4.08m...and u can't play much online...tho theres a game switcher in the config files somewhere to switch between 4.09 and 4.07 to play mp
as ace said go to All Aircraft Arcade :: Index download the mod pack for 4.08m.

there are quite few serves that allow mods, SOV is a good one and lots of people there usualy.

if you join a server that doesnt allow mods you will get an error message, just use the switcher and you will still be able to fly on 4.08m servers

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