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    Hi guys,

    I have the airbrush, thinner, paints, air supply and ratios sorted.

    I am now going to ask about preshading, is this done with the airbrush, or a thin paint brush? also is it every panel line that requires preshading?

    The "test subject" is a Academy Grumman Avenger in 1/72, which I shall be doing in an overall blue scheme similar to the one at Flying Legends at Duxford a few years ago, the plane has been constructed now just need to fill ans sand the unwanted holes then begin masking it, the main aim for the Airbrush is Airfix 1/72 Avro Vulcan B.2, which will in turn be followed by Revell 1/48 B17F "Memphis Belle" but thats another story...

    Thankyou in advance :)
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    Those that do preshading, do it with their airbrush and usually do all the panel lines...then the fun begins!:D

    I've never done any preshading....I use my own method for the highlighting.
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    I'm the same as Wayne. Pre-shading is OK if that's your 'thing' but, personally, I haven't seen a need or benefit. Like Wayne, I use my own (various) methods, which would take an age to explain, as they vary according to the job, or even what day it is!
    If you haven't used an airbrush before, it's a good idea to practice first, probably on a piece of card, using 'cheap' mediums first, rather than relataively expensive paints. Ordinary ink works well for this, and it will allow you to get to know the 'brush, it's controls and setting. More importantly, it'll teach you the basics, and you'll find out which is the best range (as in distance) to spray from for various tasks.
    As you mention 'air supply' I presume you mean other than a compressor. Until very recently, when I used my airbrush, it was with propellant cans, which weren't bad years ago. But, since the CFC's were omitted, these cans are nowhere near as efficient, and are costly, considering how much (or how little!) spraying you actually get from one. You must remember, the prep and cleaning is using a lot of that precious air!
    If you can, try to get yourself a compressor. The prices these days are coming down fairly quickly; Lucky got a 'brush and compressor (Iwata I think, top of the shop stuff!) for half-price or less off E-Bay, and I bought a brand new, although basic one, for £42, via Model Hobbies. Could have got it even cheaper direct from Mantua Models Ltd., but didn't know that then!
    Mine, basic or not, has been superb, and fulfills all my (personal) modelling needs.
    Hope this has helped a bit.

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