Dilution Ratios and Nozzle Size Guidelines for Airbrushing Acrylics

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I found that stuff to be fantastic, particularly since ive recently experienced big problems with my airbrush, to the point that replaced it. The replacement brush is just a cheap Chinese type, but works well, and includes as standard three needles/seat combinations.....).2mm, 0.3mm and 0.5mm. Ive always tended to use 0.2 mm, which has made applying thicker paints and clear coats very difficult. I'm guilty as charged to running the airbrush to the last drop, thereby almost instantly causing the acrylic paints to dry in the gun. I do think that running it dry then putting some thinner into the bulb.

Ive bookmarked this page like Geo. Thanks for sharing andy
Andy, indeed, thanks. A very interesting article. Those dilutions are unbelievable, 20 -25% paint!!! I've always gone with the "like milk" rule so depending on the paint (usually Tamiya or Model Master) I'd say I dilute closer to 75 - 80% paint. He seems to use Mission Models paint. I've never used that brand so I wonder at its viscosity...maybe it needs that much dilution??
My Aztek's finest nozzle is .30mm and Testors claims a 1/64 inch line (.397mm) using 5 - 30psi (he states approximately 10psi)
For acrylics Testors recommends a .40mm nozzle which they say will give a fine line of 1/32in (.794mm) using 15 - 30psi. Generally I'll use 20 - 25psi
For broader areas using acrylics Testors recommends a .50mm nozzle at 15 - 40psi

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