Aircraft Identification Thread IV

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Jan 9, 2004
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Ok new thread :D Here we go! Try this:


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cheddar cheese said:
Ok new thread :D Here we go! Try this:

It is a Klemm Kl-32 basically a Kl-31 but basically the same thing.

For the pure cruising 1930/31 under the constructional support of Dipl. Ing became. Lusser two cab travel machines, which Kl 31 and Kl 32 develop. The structural design of the two machines corresponded to past clamping practice, however the use of a cab considered to a weather-independent passenger aircraft to the rising requirements. For the first time also after L 28 for the trunk the welded tubular steel construction way was used. Those wedge Kl 31 appeared in the first execution as KL 31 V with 120 HP a strong Argus As 8. Some machines of the successor wedge Kl 31 aXIV between 1931 and 1935 were built. In the structure and in the appearance similar Kl 32 possessed only three seats and again a wood trunk. In addition the first use of landing flaps came with a clamping light airplane. In the execution wedge Kl 32 A XII possessed the machine a Hirth TC 150 row engine, wedge Kl 32 B XIV a Sh 14 A radial engine. It was between 1932 and 1935 in the manufacturing.
Type sheet

Series: bez. took place after motor type
Type: Intended purpose:
Kl 31 Passenger aircraft
Values by the example of:
Length: 8.50 m
Span: 13.50 m
Height: 2.30 m
Crew: 4
Engine: Bramo Sh 14 A
Achievement: 1 x 160 HP
Vmax: 190 km/h
Range: 735 km
Ceiling: 3800 m
Armament: -
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