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Back into furlough where I work, except for two gaffers, me and another three guys. The gaffers and the other two guys has split up to work Monday/Tuesday and Wednesday/Thursday night respectively, so two shifts each, while I and another guy....we work the full two weeks, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night!

Better not be much to do! 😉😆😂
The basics are very simple
a) You can have the virus and be contagious without showing any symptoms
b) The virus is transmitted primarily via droplets in the air. People argue about how far, but no one argues that it isn't airborne
c) Wearing a mask whether or not you have symptoms, massively reduces the amount of contaminated droplets in the air
d) As a result contamination is significantly reduced, reducing the spread

900ish down to 19 is by any standards a massive reduction, in my mind the evidence is unarguable unless anyone has a better explanation for this massive improvement.

I fail to see how anyone finds the above difficult or inconclusive

Agree with you, Glider. I guess in the USA, the reality that AT6 describes could quite possibly come about as a result of the US government's piss poor handling of the virus. Over 200,000 deaths and 7 million infected and rising points to sheer incompetence and a basic lack of understanding of how to manage this on a national scale. I spit out my coffee every time a representative of the US government comes along and tells us that its response to COVID is doing well. Just madness! What planet are these people living on? Election time, Americans. You guys need a government that can manage this, or you are all toast. Sorry for making this political, but this is utterly contemptible.
While I agree with your sentiments, lets not turn this political again. I know its tough. The entire topic has politics all written through it. Everything about it is political. We, however, don't need to go down that rabbit hole again here on the forum.
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Businesses were just starting reopen on a limited basis and now they say that next week we could see them close again because virus cases have risen again. I feel sorry for business people because they can't sustain this madness much longer. It's been reported that 30 percent of the small businesses locally are gone permanently and others are on the edge of collapse Some of the owners are about to revolt and open anyway because they and the people they employ can't survive any longer the way the Governor has been handling things.
We are not doing too badly here in Minnesota. The preparations we made for the '2nd' wave are working pretty well. As far as I know the hospitals are coping with the increased numbers (we are running at ~70% ICU/non-ICU capacity). The only significant problem I am aware of is the continuing workload on the medical staff/caregivers (although the expanded personnel and modified scheduling have improved the situation from what it was earlier this year). There is also a moderately low level of PPE - not a shortage, but if the sh*t really hits the fan there could be a problem. Minnesota had contingency contracts with a few manufacturers even before COVID-19 came along, and we contracted with various additional manufacturers for supplies since, but just like any build-up for emergency situations there is a lag in deliveries, and the manufacturers are already running at maximum.
Italy report, 11th October, weekly changes
cases 354,950, +29,621, deaths 36,166 +180, recovered 239,709, +7,795, active cases 79,075, +21,646, tests 12,564,713, +780,608, people tested 7,592,410, +475,095
fatality rate 10.2% (-0.9)
mortality rate 600 per million (+3)
test rate 208.3 per thousand (+12.9)
positive rate 4.7% (+0.1)
test rate this week 12,942 per million (+1,386)
positive rate this week 6.2%* (+2.5)
new case rate this week 491 per million (+236)

*with this high rate of positive is easy that the are more positive not find
Hey Vincenzo,

May I ask about the numbers for children in your country, or even just for your provence? In general the under 20 age group seems to have a very low number of serious cases, and few or no deaths. Here in Minnesota we have had only 1 death in the under 20 age group, but that child was very young (less than 2, I think) with multiple significant health issues. That is 1 death out of ~18,500 confirmed cases in the under 20 age group.
I'm beginning to think I will never see my family again. I'm so sick of all these ignorant people who only think about themselves. Wait they are not capable of thinking for themselves.
True. We're going totally the wrong way now. Infection rate has never been as high as it is now. 7000+ per day. Normal health care has been scaled down again. And in the mean time, the police arrested another bunch of idiots that had an illegal party.

also here, the first person to die of Covid after being infected a second time. :(
I found this an extremely worthwhile data-set - which provides perspective that all and sundry can agree upon regardless of arguments.
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