Shall we bring back the Lurverly Ladies Thread???

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Hunter368 said:
:D Chris maybe you are creating the next "Minister of Whoop azz" for when Dan retires or steps down from the title.

I don't think Dan will ever step down (maybe he'll get carried away and whoop his own arse sort of self inflicted meatballicide), no forget that the old git will only come back and whoop us from beyond the grave.
Could be interesting Ive never been whooped by a poltergeist,
Damion The Arse Whooper (great title for a film)
Although I love women just or even more than WWII stuff, I actually feel we not put any ladies on the site. The Mods made their decision and im glad. This should strictly be a WWII website.


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P38 Pilot said:
Guys, heads up. Im changing my sig but im going to keep the one im about to put for a very long time!

Who is "Im" and why are they changing your sig?

Good one Lanc!
I wont believe it until he proves it.

A long time for him is 36 hours. :lol:

So if you actually go for a long time like a couple of months or what not, does that mean you are not coming on to the forum during that time, because you only come on when you change your siggy? :lol:

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