Airsoft Guns

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Jun 19, 2005
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Hi guys,

I was curious to see who plays airsoft and what guns do you have?

For those who may not be familiar with airsoft, they are simply .6mm or .8mm military style guns that fire plastic bb's or sometimes special made pellets. Its a very interesting and fun sport especially if you turn it into a mock battle with actual uniforms and combat vest.

Here is a website if you would like to check some airsoft guns out.

Here's a website explaining Airsoft

And here is a WWII Replica and Airsfot website that sell WWII styled Airsoft guns
Tried it once with some ex-mob mates as a team; we got copiously whipped because our tactics were utterly incorrect, being adapted to the use of weapons which can be used out to some 400 yards or so, rather than about 20! If you go into it thinking it has some parallels with combat, forget it! The only place it might be useful is for FIBUA trg, where the distances can be relatively short. Personally, I didn't go back.
I have playing softair for a couple of years. Last match I played was last winter and I must say that playing in snow it's fantastic (if you have a white BDU!). I wish I cuold still play, but I'm getting older (22!) and I preffer spend Sundays mornings sleeping!
Yeah, paintball is a lot of fun. Only problem I have with it is that it costs a lot to replace CO2, paintballs, and accessories like gloves, modifications for you gun. I've played at least a half a dozen times, every time I've played I got shot. Heck, I've been shot in both ass cheeks.
Yeah, I have 12 Airsoft guns. I've owned 14 in total. The guns I have are:
AEG-M16 (with a broken stock:cry: )
Spring-M74D (Shotgun with Laser pointer, Laser scope, and LED flashlight)
Spring-Magnum Revolver
Spring-Shotgun(Its like silver and it weighs only like 2 ounces!)(Not real SILVER)
Spring-2 handguns
GAS-Another Handgun (Like 5 shots until you have to refill with gas :cry: )

Ohh and yeah, I play Airsoft

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