Rails to Victory 2017 - WW2 Living History Reenactment

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Feb 7, 2013
I volunteer at the Fox River Trolley Museum located outside of Chicago IL, and each year they host a WWII Living History Reenactment meant to simulate life in occupied France. There are a number of battles that take place with authentic WW2 era guns that are firing blanks. Unfortunately this years event was a little smaller than usual as there was another event (American Civil War Reenactment) happening at the same time. Nonetheless, I captured some good video footage and wanted to share some of it, with more to come.

Train Ride through Occupied France with gunfights between Allied and German soldiers. (Raw Footage)

Interview with British Commando reenactor, discussing firearms and equipment.

Interview with American Combat Medic reenactor

M1 Garand clip extraction (PING sound!) and rifle grenade launcher

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