An Idea!!!

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Apr 16, 2006
You know all the animals that are going extinct? I know how to save them, by eating them! Then they would be farmed and there would be loads of them. You notice how Cows, Chickens, Sheep etc are not going extinct, its because we eat them!

Well that's my theory!
Works for everything worth eating, but what about the stuff that survives anyway, despite all attempts to eradicate them. Rats, Mice (your basic rodents), creepy crawly stuff that slithers around, what about that stuff?

Creepy Crawly Burgers?

Nope. Not that hungry.
The only reason the animals you mention are being eaten is because they were easy to domesticate. They're not the smartest of creatures, they're quite docile infact. And mankind found them easy meat. It's much harder domesticating Pandas for food, they hardly ever breed in captivity so that theory would fall by the wayside pretty quickly.
Gnomey said:
Just speak to Lanc he has expert knowledge of farm animals (particularly sheep ;)) and could tell you a lot more on why...

Good idea!

Hey lanc, how is easy would it be to I mean herd and an elephant in to a field?
well, the endangered species idea is one of the most stupiud things i have ever heard of

but eating mice? dude that happens everyday in my country, u don't even see any pigeons or ducks... cause they're all being eaten

btw, i just came from the museum of flight, I'm going somewhere else tomorrow
how the hell am i supposed to know about elephants :lol: but what i can say about cows, sheep and the like are that they're docile and worthless for nothing but milk and meat simply because they've always been farmed, for thousands of years, and thus are adapted baisically to eat and do nothing more, if you just stick a wild animal in captivity, you aint gonna have much luck, similarly if you release a domestic animal into the wild it aint gonna live long..........
That sweaty meat spinning slowly with flys on only becomes appealing after 9 pints of Guinness!

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