Another new guy

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Nov 26, 2006
Found this site this morning just "surfing".
I like warbirds and have some years. I'm not an expert nor a pilot. I did work on the F-4 Phantom while in the service and fell in love with the aircraft.

Here I hope to learn more about the planes that stir such passon in those who flew, worked and love them so much.

From Kitty Hawk to the moon flight has taken man and freedom won from their wings.

So hello!
Thanks for the welcome. I've been looking around and there's lot's to read and see here. The warbird art is...WOW!
Til next time.
I was on active duty in the Naval reserve for seven years.

Five years stationed at NAS Dallas attatched to VF-202 F-4s
Two years at NAS Cecil Field (JacksonVille Fl.) attatched to VA-203 A-7s
Honorable discharge from the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) in 1991.

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