Anyone noticed the siggy craze is over?

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Sep 19, 2006
5 or 6 years ago this forum was buzzing with activity. A team of creative people made siggies for many of the users and we had all sorts of ingenious images as siggies.
Now this is one of the more quiet corners of the forum. Why is that?
Were we just bored with it. We get older and have less time (my problem) or is it because the mobile version of this forum doesn't show siggies and everybody is using their phone nowadays?
Speaking only for me...I be old, set in my ways, a dinosaur, and I have zero or less creativity. My cell phone is just that a phone. It is not a still camera, video camera, computer, game playing device, messaging device, music device, movie device, etc. It makes PHONE calls PERIOD and it just RINGS. I was happy to get one siggy up and working
For me it is a matter of two things.

1. I simply just don't have the time. Though I am on here almost daily, and make sure to keep up with moderator stuff, I just don't post as much anymore.

2. I use mostly the mobile version
Don't have a visual siggy, cant find a better avatar for my on line persona and the quote that I have or used to have expresses a sentiment that is important to me.

Don't fix what aint broke in other words
I use my mobile much more than I use the laptop nowadays, as I find that the forum works great on both. I used to be on the laptop over the weekends, to let my mobile rest, not as much at the moment....
If it was that the siggies worked on the mobile version as well, I'm sure that it would create a bit more activity here....
Actually, might dust off the laptop and pop on here on it and watch an episode or two Star Trek Voyager....
Just to inspire in future siggies....



I have the time, I've just been lazy and not motivated to change it. Actually I haven't been on the site much in the past 4 or 5 months but I do miss it and chatting with you knotheads. Someday I might change it again.
I come on here every day through my laptop, I'm very happy with my siggy
Mine still works, but I upload to a thread and link from there, which means, everything stays within the same system.

The standard setting for Xenfora seems to be that siggies are 'Minimized', so you won't see the siggies in their full glory unless you change that in your personal settings.

For the seasonal siggies: Please go ahead and start a thread, don't expect me to enter though, you know what I think of Christmas banne.. eh siggies..... :lol:
Mine works fine, and is the same siggy from probably 10 years ago.

You have to change your settings though so that they completely show, and are not condensed.

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