Anyone With historical fiction, this is for You

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Most of the stuff I have read had been Bernard Cornwell's Sharp's series. While I have read a lot of WWII fiction, a lot of it makes cringe, ie Harry Turtledove. But believe it or not Newt Gengrich (yes the ex-polititian) wrote a exellent WWII fic book called 1945 about the Germans trying to take out the Manhattan Project. There is also the Omega Project, and I know the premise will sound corny but the twist in the climax rocks, in a future Earth, that is almost all Nazi, the US sends a group of Green Berets to the past to stop the Nazis. If you like time travel and the science behind it you'll love it. There is also Piece of Cake about a RAF squadron from 1939 to 1941 (it is still the most expensive series Masterpiece Theater has ever done). Lastly, and most of it is pulp fiction, there was a series in the 80's called The Rat Bastards. The first two books are good because they relate real well Guadalcanal. Of course there is the Thin Red Line, Run Silent Run Deep, and From Here to Eternity (a soap if you ask me).

There is also WEB Griffith's series Semper Fi. A little soapy by still highly entertaining.

Good read, tells how the allies lose to the germans. First it was when elements of the 12th SS panzer division attack Omaha and turn into a bloodbath, then the Brits lose Sword and Gold, the Canadians Juno, gotta go , homeroom bell just rang.
Just caught this thread...have your story open in another tab, will read it when I get a chance!

I scribbled a bit when in the Navy (okay...a lot, to keep myself sane while out at sea, on watch, studying for endless quals....), and some more when I was single. Kinda hard to find quiet, peaceful times to scratch the pencil to the paper when you're married, I'm finding....

...I know...excuses....
One of my favourite authors is Robert Ryan who writes historical fiction (but skip the 2 he did related to the AVG as they're pants). "The Blue Noon" is superb. He also did books about Scott's failed journey to be the first to reach the South Pole, as well as one on T E Lawrence both of which are excellent.
I'm really late to this dance but will chip in.

One of THE finest WW II novels is Len Deighton's "Bomber." Just superb on all counts: characters, tekkie stuff, levels of conflict. The "sequel" was aptly named "Goodbye Mickey Mouse." Not dreadful, just a huge disappointment (8AF P-51s.)

Being immodest, I'll mention my two-volume set, Dauntless and Hellcats. The Korean War sequel remains unfinished. But there's also a WW I epic "Duel Over Douai" with two aviator friends. Took us 13 years to finish--until they both retired!
What, no one like stories that twist part of WW2 air warfare???? :cry: :cry:
I've been toying with the idea of writing an air warfare story. Trouble is that, although I've been told I'm pretty good at writing reports, I can't quite get the style of fiction writing.

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