Arizona air show

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Sep 19, 2005
Phoenix, AZ
I'll post more later, but here's the bare bones of it. On Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th there will be a air show consisting of a B-25, a B-17, and the last flying B-24 here in Phoenix. It is something in the order of $450 to fly aboard the B-24, for any position, save the ball turret (assuming here). I know I'm going, but does anyone else think they can make it? Also, this will be my first air show, so is there usually good souveniers and the like at them for buying?
No worries, just symantics. The Collings foundation do some great work on their birds. Enjoy it. They usually have them roped off and you can pay a small fee to walk through the B-17 and the B-24. It's really quite something.
Ok, I just went. I'll post the pictures when I get a chance. I also got a decomisioned 20mm and 50 cal round :D :D :D . Oh, should I post the pictures here or elsewhere?

PS: I met a guy from Germany in the Nuremburg area during the war. He came down to visit family and stopped by the show because people said it was amazing. Suffice to say, he was my buddy for the day!

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