Aviation Art

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Link doesn't work. I would like to have a look around your site though.

This is the Default Page on this Web Server.

The Host you are looking for is aviationart.maltaexpo.com. . This Host is either not available or is not configured correctly.

Please check the URL for spelling mistakes. If you feel there is something wrong, you may contact Alert Communications LTD and notify them of this error.
Okay, I got it. Take the extra . out of the URL and it works...

Nice, but the pictures are a little dark to make out the details very well. What I can make out looks very good though.

Thanks for your comments, and sorry for the extra . that caused all the trouble. Shame on me for having put the URL at the end of a sentence!

It seems there is concensus that the paintings appear a little dark. I will try to rectify this by posting new images that are lighter in colour and see what happens. I will also enlarge each file, since I have been allowed rather low resolution figures by the website host. The Martin Maryland photo especially looks terrible. In fact, all images have been reduced to some 20k each from their original size of some 5 megabites.

Yes, Lm means Maltese pound and the exchange quoted by my friend is correct.

Aviation art in Malta has never actually taken off, and in fact aviation artists over here can be counted on the fingers of one hand. We do try and make ourselves heard but the crowd is mostly illiterate, aviation-wise! I did manage to sell about a dozen paintings in these past two years, which is good given the situation. The ones that appear on the website are more recent and, obviously, as yet unsold.

Charles Stafrace

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