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Dec 20, 2003
Ipswich, Suffolk
I dont wont to tread on any guys threads so I'll stick any clips I have here

Typhoons clip 1
Beaufighter shipping attack clip 2


  • beaufighter_convoy_attack_122.wmv
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  • typhoons_610.wmv
    2.7 MB · Views: 136
Cheers GN
I found another I got them off a boot sale unmarked video with a biro-ed
label saying war aircraft cost me £2.

Another clip


  • bostons___mitchell_raid.._106.wmv
    2.2 MB · Views: 110
They mention the Chateau is in the Brest area but nothing else GN so I assume it must be trace-able but as I say there was nothing with the video not even a box or proper label
and it is just snippets not a complete film.
I think there is another clip that shows even more muck being chucked out by the Beau,s at shipping never a glamour puss but christ can they lay down a stonk when they wanted to.
This is definatly the last one today just for Lanc
The U-Boat pens at Brest get Charlie up the Orchard


  • 12000lb_on_u-boat_pens_101.wmv
    1.7 MB · Views: 122
Cheers Les

the lancaster kicks ass said:
haven't you gone to bed yet ;)

I've been to bed and got up again 6 hrs later
so you can have a few more clips

Another one for you Lanc the Tirpitz gets the chop early Pick Up experiment in the US.


  • boing....._135.wmv
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  • tirpitz_tallboy_attack_165.wmv
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Hi Roy I recorded from VHS to DVD then captured off the DVD to the PC then converted them to MPeg
Some more Tiffy and Beaufighter gun cam stuff and an unusual clip of a Beau ditching.
The Beaufighter shipping attack is in 2 sizes the hq one is better quality but much larger either way I think its a teriffic clip.


  • beaufighters__mossies__slaughter_shipping_hq_145.wmv
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  • beaufighters__mossies__slaughter_shipping_140.wmv
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  • beaufighter_attack___ditching_195.wmv
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  • typhoon_radar_attack_170.wmv
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