Aviation Vid Clips from lesofprimus...

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Here ya go..........


  • aviation_-_f14a_explosion_209.wmv
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  • aviation_-_f-16_falluja_smartbomb_insurgs_147.wmv
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  • aviation_-_harrier_ejection_151.mpg
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  • jet_blast_714.mpeg
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  • aviation_-_luftwaffe_fw-190a7_mk_137.mpeg
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  • aviation_-_moron_in_helo_115.wmv
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  • aviation_-_under_bridge_150.mpeg
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  • aviation_-_migcrash_421.mpg
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  • sick_landing_627.wmv
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Or, as we New Yorkers would say:

"Die Motherfrucker die motherfrucker die..."

More... All WWII combat clips now...


  • zeroflamed_213.avi
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  • zeroflamed2_841.avi
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  • zeroshowathome_590.mpeg
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  • usa_gets_nailed_104.mpeg
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  • typhoon_kill_147.mpeg
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  • splash1_116.avi
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  • shootdown_114.avi
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  • me-163kill_187.avi
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Those are excellent clips Les
The Luftwaffe gun cam pics I thought demonstrated the methods of attack very well I noticed when confronted with a B17 they seemed to open fire at a far greater range than with other bombers, so I would say the increase in fire power from the B17 did make them more wary however the poor sods in what ever bomber it was didn't stand much of a chance did they.
The zero footage also showed how flimsy the where compared to other planes.
Do you think the Typhoon footage is a Typhoon I'm not a recognition expert but it didn't appear to be one too me.
Excellent vid's, les. It took me ages to steal them all 'cos I'm downloading an Audioslave video from one of their concerts!
Nor am I a recognition expert but, to me, the Typhoon and US killed one look like Hurricanes. Although, the US one I can't quite work out what it is but it certainly looks like a Hurricane!
Hey pD, mind sharing that link with me so I can get that Audioslave as well???

Guys, im not sure what the vids are, only that they were titled as such when I downloaded them, many many moons ago... Upon further review, the Typhoon definatly looks like a Hurri.......

Left hand side, "Slaved Downloads" or something like that. It's the weenie concert. It's AWESOME! They do Spoonman...Cornell does Black Hole Sun...there's three Rage songs...it's feckin' brilliant.
GREAT SH*T LES! I finally got to looks at some of these, had a blast! I love the dumbass in the helicopter, I've seen it before, always wanted to get a copy. As we used to say on Staten Island,'WHAT A SNAPPERHEAD!"
No problem. I hope they do Sleep Now in the Fire when I go see 'em June 24th.
Bf 110 and 109 in trouble:

did you note the stupid NJG Bf 110 caught in the day time after an attack on B-17's ? Also 1 Me 108 trainer getting clobbered. the last sequence is of a Soviet twin engine getting nailed.......

wish I could see the Luftw gun cam footage. Les can u make a wmv out of it ?, as mpegs for whatever reason are not getting up and running for me...

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