B-17 Fuddy Duddy

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Aug 21, 2006
Question for some of you out there. Anybody know the status of the B-17G Fuddy Duddy. Once she was sold she seemed to have disappeared off the map. I was hoping that who ever had bought her would keep her flying on tours.

Thanks in advance
Yeah I new she was in California, but you cant find anything on here any more. Flight schedule and such. Seems like a shame that since it was fully flyable by the EAA before she was sold. Last tour that I know of that she was on was with the EAA as a substitute for Aluminum Cloud after here mishap.
It is right now down for inspection after the bird strike at Chino on Saturday at the show. It hit a turkey vulture that left a 1 foot hole in the leading edge of the wing that will require clean up and inspection of the spars before it will fly again. Last I heard, it was about a $10,000 bird strike.

The owner keeps it down in Long Beach normally, if memory serves.
No idea. It will likely be down a few weeks while they get the inspection and make the necessary repairs. I thought I grabbed some literature from them last year, but can't seem to locate it. Let me see what I can dig up.
I hear the birds rebuild will be quite difficult :lol: bad taste sorry........

Its a shame about the B 17, I hope all goes well!
I forgot to mention that Fuddy Duddy has been repaired and is back in the sky. The repair job looks great and you can't tell at all. The only damage appears to have been sheet metal. That was good news.
Believe it or not thats not her first strike I was talking to a few of the previous crew from Fuddy Duddy and they had a bird strike over Atlantic City or Maine and the bird entered the nose and was guts and gore all the way to the tail
Hello all,

I was searching on the Fuddy Duddy and came up with this great site.

A little story....

I will have to do some more research and look through some old photos but my grandfather flew this incredible aircraft. I am 34 now but around 20yrs ago? When they rebuilt this B17 to look like the Fuddy Duddy I was there. The original crew went down with the original Duddy but my Grandfather was part of another crew that flew this bird. They gather all the survivors and got them down to Geneso NY for the first flight as the Fuddy Duddy. I still remember looking around the inside of this plane and watching it take off with the crew. It was an amazing sight to see. They were all on the news that evening as well.

I will have to go to my moms and look for some pics.

My grandfather and father have both passed from cancer so unfortunately I have is whats left in my memory of it. I will get what I can for pics and scan them and post them. I do remember that 1 ring around the prop was unpainted for some time, but appears that is all done. What a great looking plane.


EDIT: Well look at that!
Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress Fuddy Duddy, 2008 Calendar by Brian Lockett (Calendar) in History

I will just have to buy one up!
After the birdstrike repairs
Van Gilder Aviation Photography, QB-37, June 11, 2007- B-17G "Fuddy Duddy"

Before and after birdstrike at Chino
Van Gilder Aviation Photography, Chino 2007- B-17 Flying Fortress

Older shots of Fuddy Duddy and other B-17s.
Van Gilder Aviation Photography, B-17 Flying Fortress

I have a shot of Fuddy Duddy for May in my Chino Airshow 2008 calendar.

If you are looking for more shots of it, I have more, and will probably see more of it this year on the show circuit.
Awsome pictures as always Eric, Some great in shot flights. As you know I can always look at more shots of B-17's.

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