B-17 fun

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Aug 21, 2006
Seens how every one seems to be enjoying the Lancaster fun posting's I thought I would start one for the B-17. The B-17's shown are the EAA's B-17 Aluminum Cloud and the Commerative Airforce B-17 Thunderbird

Enjoy Micdrow


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Thanks. Miss Angela is based at the Palm Springs Air Museum. It has been pretty active on the airshow circuit this year. Here is a shot of Miss Angela in flight.


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Thanks for sharing the picture, Ive never seen that B-17 before, I hope one year it comes to the EAA

On another note you are correct on the name it is Aluminum Overcast. For years I grew up and my friends and I couldnt stand the name. We called it Aluminum Cloud. Sounded better to us I guess for I cant remeber the reason why we called it that. Its been stuck with me ever since.

Like you said though it's great to see it airborn again. It was damaged pretty good. The ball turrent rod forced through the top of the plane. 4 engines damaged along with prop's. Lot of the bottom fuselage bent up. Was talking to one of the mechanic's when it was still being repaired at last years airshow and he said it was also a kinda blessing. Because it was forced to be down for a while they where able to spend more time on some of the minor details of restoration so it looks more and more like a factory fresh B-17. The photos i took where before the crash. If they where able to paint and restore more on the inside I bet it looks even more amazing now.
I'll bet it does. I remember when they had the incident, it was not far from where I live. They will never say it, but someone in the cockpit flipped the gear up switch. I know too many former B-17 pilots and mechanics for any other explanation to work. That just doesn't happen. But it was good that no one got hurt and the plane was reparable. Many times when that happens, the ball turret support literally breaks the airplane's back and it's a write off. They were very fortunate.
Yeah I know after they found out that she could be repaired it was kind of a running joke around the museum that the EAA had the largest squadron of flyably B-17's based and sponsored by one museum in one location. A wopping 2.

Fuddy Duddy and Alumium Overcast

I was hoping Fuddy Duddy would have returned this year under there new owners but no such luck. Hopefully she will return on year.
evangilder said:
I am glad they got Aluminum Overcast fixed without too much trouble. I have been through several of the surviving B-17s:
Sally B
Aluminum Overcast
Fuddy Duddy
Sentimental Journey
Miss Angela

I have you beat......

Ive flown in Nine-O-Nine!

Chief said:
How I'd like to fly in a B-17. Is it as loud as they say it is inside?

Its the noisiest in the rear. Thats where you get the full effect of the noise from the engines. I wouldnt be surprised if waist gunners were partially deafened.

One thing I noticed is how much vibration there was.
And that's not adding flak shells exploding outside of the plane.
I will still take flying over riding along any day. I would like to get up in a B-17 one of these days, and volunteering at the CAF will probably give me that opportunity. But the chances of getting any stick time in the 17 are pretty slim.
flying the Liberty Belle from Douglas-georgia to New Orleans :) dream come true


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nosie windy thing but still totally awsome


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my favorite picture of Liberty Belle.. taken after three long days with hard work prepearing the B-17 for a tour in USA..including crawling inside the wings to rewire the flaps.. but all in all it was worth every sweatdrop


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The liberty bell is an awsome B-17. Seen her a couple years back. Though Ive never been lucky enough to fly in one. Maybe one of these days. Till then Im happy to crawl through them.

Few pictures I took at this years EAA Airventure on a B-17


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