Base sizes..

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Jan 29, 2009
Hey guys, I am wanting to get into making my own bases and will be heading to home depot soon to get the wood. But I was wondering what is the ideal L X W size for 1/72 and 1/48 planes (Fighters, not doing bombers yet). I am looking to just do a runway with grass on each side so it will be cut into a square, if that helps. Also wondering what thickness of board I should look at, I dont want it to be flimsy but I dont want it to be a rock!

Any knowledge that can be shared would be great! Thanks all.. :)
Cory's right there, and as for material, MDF in either 5mm or 10mm thickness is ideal - easy to work with, relatively light but strong, and won't warp easily.
Well i'm thinking my 1/72 P47, P40, and Corsair, they all match up in length except the P40 is a little smaller overall. Terry already helped me with the dimensions on the B17 (One day!!) and I dont plan on baseing anything else. Reason is I bought the sceneic cement and sprayer, soil, grass, rocks, and other stuff and really want to have fun with it but on a small scale where not too much can be lost if I mess up.

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