Beaufort Bomber Open Day

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I was at moorabin air museum the other day, I noticed they had a nose of a Beaufort there, not sure how long they have had it, it was freshly painted in interior green and looked to be in the process of being restored.

What was more interesting was the fact they just aquired some Avro Lincoln parts!
Yeah, I'm pretty sure that nose section was restored by the same guys doing the airworthy one up in QLD. I knew about the Lincoln sections, however you can expect many years before that is in a displayable condition.
Yea for sure Wildcat, they looked pretty rough and were outside at this current point.

Its a shame the government doesn't help em out with another Hangar.

Theres some top aircraft just out in the weather. I haven't been there for quite a while so some new things popped up!

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