Ben and Jerry's has Gone Too Far...

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The first sign that the Apocalypse is upon us....

I wonder how much John Cleese got for this???


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I don't either, but this I'll make an exception just this once. I just want to try it.
Some might say the Holy Grail of Ice Creams...Ha, see what I did there? No? Well, sorry then...right. ;) Well Ben and Jerry's ice cream is fantastic anywhos...
And based upon everyone's posts. I am the only one.

Oh - I don't buy their ice cream either. I was just pointing out they are self made men and shrewd businessmen regardless of how repulsive their politics happen to be. It's a vermont thing I guess - which is a shame because vermont is some beautiful country.
Holy Grail of Ice Creams ? hardly ........... try a 1/2 gal of Umpquas "old south fudge pie" ; almost as good as sex but not quite .......... hey if you apply it to ............... ah ...... ok
That was close Erich. Where might might one find "Umpquas"? I don't recognize the brand up here in the Northwest.
I feel it is a northwest brand only, not even offered in California ....... bummer for them. not even in Washington ? thought it covered Wash/Oregon and Idaho. I live in the Rogue Valley and to our north 60 miles is the Umpqua with the river in several branchs by the same name. Beautiful country ........ sorry rambling again, the Ice-cream is heavy duty knock you out choc and for the choc-a-halics. they also make a chocalate with heavy chunks of the dark stuff throughout plus "Choc-brownie madness"
I'm not a big icecream consumer...I leave that to my skinny wife. Maybe they have it and I just haven't noticed. I usually buy Dryers Grand. Tillamook sometimes. I'll let you know.

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