best kind of frame for news paper??

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Feb 28, 2010
i have a couple news papers i want to finally get around to framing. i guess i need to showcase the entire front page as the article takes up almost 3/4s of it. plus there are autographs on it that extend down below the top half. so i have a couple questions:

is there a good frame that will do that? any recommendations?

i have the spray preserver. i imagine since it wont make news paper ink bleed it SHOULDNT make pen ink bleed. am i correct in assuming that?

do i need to preserve the whole paper for futher value? what i think maybe of any value is just the front page with the autographs. its not a ny times or any major paper. its just a small town rag that covered an event.

any suggestions and advice would be welcomed...especially if you have done this before. thanks
I collect old news papers dating back to the 1500's and it really depends on what kind of paper. Ideally if you really want to keep it for a long time, do not frame it and put it on display in a picture frame. Sunlight and moister will do a number on them. Up until the mid to late 1800's most paper had a high rag content, after that it was more wood pulp which means more acid which means even more of a challenge to preserve.

I store mine in portfolios I purchase from Storage Display Options -

Here is a issue of the London Gazette from October 9th, 1673.


If you want the best of both worlds, store the original in a portfolio and display a copy of it.

However if you still want to frame it:

Some people like to have their special newspapers framed and hang them on the wall for decoration. If you do, keep these factors in mind:
• Hang it on a wall that does not get direct sunlight, such as a hallway or basement wall
• Have it framed with an acid-free backing board and matt
• Use only glass that has UV ray protection (this will help but you still need to keep it from direct sunlight exposure) -- How to preserve historic newspapers

I would try to keep the entire paper as you will have a bigger market to sell it to.

Good luck!
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Use a museum quality glass. It cuts U.V. and will help prevent aging.

but, I'd take VB's advice, store the originals , and display copies. Depending on the value, this way you could have the originals stored in a fire-proof safe, but still be able to view them.
Take it to a professional framer.......
Everything in contact needs to be acid free mate.
Including any adhesive, or preservative.

I agree. My other half works in Public Relations and sometimes has articles framed as presentation pieces. They are done professionally, taking care of the various issues mentioned by others already.


thanks guys i will look around to see if there is a pro framing place around. if not i will probably get the folders VB's link has.

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