Best transporter

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Jan 9, 2004
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I have no idea what transpoter planes are used for, but my favourite is the Junkers ju 52. If anyone could tell me what the purpose of transporters was then i would me most grateful
Transport of troops, equipment, and supplies to the front and back again.

Example: D-day - 1. C-47s painted with invasion stripes roar over France, and drop the paratroopers in to clear the way for the invasion.

Example: D-day + 5. C-47's fly over troop positions (at least when they could find them) and dropped food, ammo, and new weapons.

And so on...
i feel like a right idiot now, i should have guessed that, oh well just shows how stupid i am :|
The Dakota wins hands down. A Jeep of the sky and one of the most outstanding aircraft of all time in fact if one aircraft had to be given the title of war winning I would probably pick this as without logistics nothing happens. Ask service men from wwII and you will be suprised how many flew in one of the birds Perhaps the best tribute to the designers is that 60 years on some of these planes are still in commercial service in various countrys around the world.


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The C-47 hands down. Behind it you could make arguments for all kinds of aircraft being second. C-46 perhaps?
I think too many Ju-52s were shot down. I know that wasn't the fault of the plane but (to me anyway) is a serious black eye to its reputation.

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