BF 109 X

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Dec 17, 2004

BF 109 X

What do you think of this version?
Well, This is my first post! When I first saw the pic, I thought it was an early FW 190. Guess it was the radial engine.
It would be interesting to see how it stacked up against the FW, But I'm Pretty sure the FW would have still been a much better plane.
The Bf-109V-21 was also fitted with a radial engine. It was a Pratt Whitney Twin Wasp SC-G rated at 1,200 hp (880 kW), and was first flown on 17 Aug 1939.

In my opinion it would not have been worth it for the Bf-109. The aircraft was not designed for radial engines. The Fw-190 was designed for it and was better suited for it.


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Yes it is, mine is a photocopy of the picture. When I posted mine though, I had not scene that he already posted the pic. Something was wrong with my computer at the time and it was not loading pictures.
Looked to me like a later model zero. It could have shown some potential, i had always wondered what the result of engining a 109 with a radial would have been, and now i guess thinking about it, that it was more designed for liquid cooled inline engines. My change to a -109 would have been a slight lengthening of the fuesalgue, with a bubble canopy, dorsal fillet, and Mg151/20 in hub, and one Mg151/15 in each wingroot.
I'm looking for pictures of radial engined Messerschmitts: Bf 109 V21 and Bf 109X. Probably some pictures or drawings were published in book "Messerschmitt Bf 109 A-E" by Willy Radinger Walter Schick, Schiffer Publishing (1999).
Could be possible to check these information and post here?
That canopy kinda makes it look like an Oscar in some ways, don't you think?:?:

I agree, that's obviously a 109 empennage, and wings. no doubt about that. But the canopy looks like an Oscar to me. Especially from the side. I bet this would make an interesting model, for sure.

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