Black Cat and Dumbos....

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Aug 21, 2006
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What do you know about VP-33 and Captain F.P. "Flip" Anderson? I'm trying to find out which Black Cat he flew on the 5th of September 1944 when he sank two destroyer escorts at Zamboanga.
What else it there to read about PBY in WWII? I've already have Black Cat Raiders Of WWII, Black Cats and Dumbos WWII's Fighting PBY's and On Hell's Perimeter.... What do you recommend?
Must remember to read that. Very interesting topic the Black Cats. The Japanese must really have hated them, especially when they came from nowhere. CAPs for the Japanese would have had trouble picking them up before they struck on a night without a moon...
Love the Black Cats. I've got four Catalina's in 1/48, at least one will be a Black Cat. Was thinking of building one as "Flip" Anderson's which he flew the above mentioned night. IF I can find out the squadron number etc.
It might - there is also a possibility that he might of flown several different aircraft.
As far as location, I would look at VP Sailor - it shows where VP-33 was deployed and it is also mentioned in Anderson's bio.

Good Luck!

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