Bloch MB.152 Camo???

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Nov 3, 2004
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Just wanted to say hello from a :newb: to everybody and right on to request a small thingie... :oops:

Currently building a 1/72 Morane Bloch Mb.152 model kit and I'm curious about the camo I'm gonna paint on it - looking for some BoF camo, not Vichy. I already got something but not too satifying. Anyone help me, please?

Thanks! S!
Hiya there :D Welcome to the site :D I really dont know much about French planes but heres a picture. No idea if it will help you :D

Good luck with the model :D


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Howdy ho! I'm going up to this one, probably: 8)



Crazy, after the fall of France in June 1940, the country was splitted into occupied North and somewhat independent South, called Vichy because of the city where the collaborant government was settled. But this durated only till 1942 or so, when even the South was taken by the Germans because of the fights in North Africa and the Med.

The remains of the former Armée de l'Air planes were splitted between Germany (used for Luftwaffe training) and the Vichy, where it was used a "regular" fighters. These planes were marked with red yellow stripes on the tail section and on the nose cowling section:



Taken MB.152 after 1942:


Michael, yep it looks like but I'd bet if these two would compare, the Boomerang would kick this oldie's ass! :twisted:

GermansRGeniuses, first thanks! Btw, the very first pic was taken from the box of that model, hehe: :)


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No no, I know what Vichy France is, I just didn't know what a Vichy camo scheme looked like, as opposed to an early French one :)
cheddar cheese said:
No dont be sorry, somebody needed to set Crazy straight, he's a bot of a rebel, i'd watch out for him if i were you...


I say! What fallacy is this!? :shock:

*Prepares to fill CC's plane with lead from behind*


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