Bring Ideas on this Bf-109G-10 I Drew...

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I need some ideas, comments, pallettes, pics and/or pilot aircrafts.... Im looking for something distinctive, and Im not looking for Hartmanns aircraft...

Here are some shots im considering... And corrections to the pics i have posted, and those that u my fellow members post, would be greatly appreciated...


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A few more...

Still looking for Heinz Bars profile....

Anyone have it????????



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ok Les but it will look better obviously with the armored seat/plexiglas headrest installed. yes the angle of the canopy frame is odd but that was the idea to give a better vision overall for the pilot with of course a mirror or two privately installed.

Are you wanting a G version or G-6/AS or G-10, G-14/AS, etc ..... ?

I wish i could include a scan or two of the G-6/AS we have but they are for our book. The erla-haube is distinct and no head armor at all on the nf version of the craft
Les feel free to use my siggy if you like. A G-14 from II./Jg 3. Notice the red dot under the flying U that Neil pointed out to me. this is the typical summer ~ fall 44 coloration of 109 in greys....
I do not notice it... Where and what is the Flying U? I cannot tell red form grey up there..

Its a G-10 erich, and I was wondering is u have a skin or profile that is better than the Herman Graf one I am so far planning to use... Also thinking of adding gun pods to the wings... Did the G-10 carry that kit?
Les look to the right of the pilot and his mechanic............see the white abzeichen ~ motif used by II./JG 3. It is red, the flying U over a white background. Notice right below it a red dot that looks from the B/W pic to be grey but it is red....

yes I have other late 109 profiles stashed
The 3 favorite ones.... Im still leaning towards Grafs kite... Bars pic is just to regular looking...

erich, u have any other popular profiles? Any other of Bars machines?


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here is another thought and by none other than artist Randy Wright. III./JG 54 Kanonboots. Spring of 44. I will try and find a colour profile of one of the birds from the gruppe for ya.

E ♪


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