Bye till who knows when!

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Senior Airman
Dec 27, 2006
Some of you may have noticed in my posts a coment about 'my books are all packed away ready to move house'? Well, the move is next week, and unfortunately, such a move comes at a price i.e. it's expensive and somethings got to give!
Yes you've guessed it - the internet is going, and with it my access to this site! Unless I can find another way.
I'll miss it - some of you have similar ideas to mine, as to how things might have been different. Though many seem obsessed, with what was the 'Best' when such judgements can vary if it is in '40 or '44!
Nevertheless, it has been all to easy, to spend time seeing what new posts have come up.

Regards Merlin
Really appreciate the comments - thanks.
But 'digs'!? I don't do 'digs' - am moving from 111 year 3 bd terrace house, to a 1939 3 bd semi-detached house. But with the peanuts I get paid - something has got to give! Though I'll miss you all and the site.
So long Merlin.
Never know you may come across an Internet cafe and be able drop us a line.
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