I know where some P-51's and B-17's are buried. My Dad told me the story when I was 8 yrs old, now I'm 62,

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May 30, 2011
Cape Canaveral
At Tinker AFB there was a legendary case in the mid-50's. They had a number of P-47N's stored on the base and offered some up for auction. A man bid on them, won the bid, and then drained the avgas out of the full tanks on the airplanes, sold it, and the proceeds from the gasoline sale paid for the cost of the airplanes.

In 1955 the USN sold off its F8F Bearcats for $500 each.

Also in 1955 the US railroads sold off their remaining steam engines for $500 each and that included permission to use the RR lines to drive them to their final destinations.

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