Can anyone explain this to me ?

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Greetings ladies and gentlemen.

I just completed my website building, but when I verified it with Mozila Firefox I had a bad surprise.

I built my website using Microsoft FrontPage and, when I use Internet Explorer, my website looks great ! (See first screenshot.)

But when I use Firefox, everything is messed up... (See second screenshot.) Anyone knows what I'm doing wrong ?

I was hoping to put up my website tonight, but looks like I'll have to wait... :(


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send me a PM and I will give you an email address to send the html and images to in a zip file.

Front page is a piece of garbage I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

I will look the code over, straighten it out, and give you some tips. Your shout when we meet.
nOTHING IS MESSED Up, just the main title text is pushed a bit down... Kiwi is right, FP is a ****, try some other program. nice website by the way, Maestro! 8)
It's a formatting issue. FrontPage and MS IE work well together because they are both Microsoft products. It was a good idea to check in both browsers, because as you see, not everything is identical. Looks like you may need a couple of <br> commands, but I am not sure what the FP extensions are that give you the formatting.
Well if he sets the <br> tags, then it would be disorted in IE... ;)

Maestro, screw FP and do something other. Looma's right that the HTML isn't a big deal, you just make your own graphics and then write tags to make them work. 8)

K9kiwi made a .html page for me to use as a template. Now it looks great ! I just still need a few copy and paste here and there and I'll be ready for the "Grand Opening". If everything goes well, it should be in a few hours.

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