Can anyone help me?

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Jun 15, 2005
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This thing I am doing:

I have so many blanks to fill in now, and I could really do with some help getting the info parts filled in.

If you do feel inclined, please post the aircraft, followed by it's info sheet like so:

Wingspan: m
Length: m
Height: m
Weight: Kg
Top Speed: kph

I'm not being lazy, honest, I just got overwhelmed with the thing, and now I'm back at work, time is short..

Thank you :)
Ok Clave here ya go, All the Italian aircraft you hadnt done yet...Its not finished yet though, and you see I took the liberty of starting to add a few more essiential planes youve missed out. I've put the stats for the BR.20's and SM.79's down as one as their essentially the same, same story with the G.55S...

Couldnt find all the stats for the MC.72, looked for ages. And take the Ca.313 stats with a grain of salt as I cobbled them together from loads of different sources which had differing information.

Ill continue doing it and post the updated version at a late date if you wish.


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Clave, that's a fantastic site. simple but very very useful! I'll add a link to my www's...... :thumbright:

I'll try to dig out the Czech acft's stats....... ;)

BTW, aircraft built before 1993 should be considered as "Czechoslovakian" not "Czech Republic"
OK, so here's stats for Avia B.534:

Year: 1933
Crew: 1
Wingspan: 9,40 m
Length: 8,20 m
Height: 3,15 m
Weight: 1 460 kg (empty) // 1 980 kg (take-off weight)
Top Speed: 380 kph
Engine: Hispano Suiza HS-12Ydrs
Power: approx. 478 kW (650 k)
Armament: 7,92 mm cal. machineguns, "Type 30" // Pantof vz.35, up to 80 kg of bombs (4x20 kg or 6x10 kg)


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Now here is a list of Czechoslovakian planes that are missing on ur site.......

1st of all, the nexter of B.534 --- Avia B-35:

Year: 28th Sep 1938
Crew: 1
Wingspan: 10,85 m
Length: 8,50 m
Height: 2,60 m
Weight: 2 063 kg (empty) // 2 447 kg (take-off wieght)
Top Speed: 535 kph
Engine: Avia HS 12Ycrs
Power: 860 horses
Armament: two synchronized cal. 7,92 mm machineguns, 1 engine cannon 20 mm


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Letov Š-328

Year: 19th July 1933
Crew: 2
Wingspan: 13,71 m
Length: 10,36 m
Height: 3,45 m
Weight: 1 680 kg (empty) // 2 750 kg (take-off)
Top Speed: 328 kph
Engine: Walter Pegas II-M2 or III-M2
Power: 427 kW (580 k)
Armament: 2x 2 "Type 30" (cal. 7,92 mm) machineguns, observer's machinegun Škoda Šu-31, hand camera A-I-25 (or A-I-34), static camera A-II-30 (A-III-30) and a signal pistol with 26 rockets :D


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uhhh..... now i scrolled thru some of other (like RAF aircraft ;) ) and I see they're blank, too! :shock:
Thanks Pisis! 8)

I didn't know about the Czechoslovakian/Czech Republic thing either...

It's nearly the weekend now, so I'll have some more time to update then ;)
When I have some time, I will try to dig more info for the RAF aircraft. I'm a bit expert on the Hurricane and thus I gotta tell you there were also diffrencies. So versions like Mk.Ia, Mk.Ib, Mk.IIb existed.......
well if you go into too many varients for each plane you're gonna have 20 varients of the lanc, 30+ spitfires, hundreds of Fw-190 prototypes alone :lol: if you get too picky you're gonna have too much to handle..........

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