Can anyone identify these?

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Aug 11, 2022
I'm trying to identify these body tags, can anybody shed some light on them please?

Thank you Capt. Vic Yes they are relating to a FW 190 from 1942. But, what I find strange is that they are stamped, normally reproductions come as blanks. Because of the lack of damage to the fixing holes it would suggest that they have never been fitted. The two plates on the right of the picture are a real mystery as I can't find any information on them at all.

Thank you for your valued opinion Capt. Vic.
The one on the bottom right is actually for a Junker Ju-52. The triangle symbol is for Junkers Flugzeug- und Motorenwerke.
Thank you vikingBerserker, that is a great help, so it would appear that they are indeed reproductions, I can't understand why they're stamped with the numbers though, as repro's are normally blanks. Dave
The top left one is likely for a device, system or a part (Gerate Nummer) for the aircraft----Kopperschmidt Hamburg is the manufacturer of the system (Hersteller) and now sells and services HVAC but it is not uncommon for wartime builders and suppliers to diversify postwar, so they could well have made systems for the FW 190. The one on the top right has a "Nachbar Nummer" which literally means "replica" and Muster is the "pattern" of the particular part the plate belongs with or possibly the pattern of the plate itself, which is my guess as the plate looks like it could well be the main plate for the entire aircraft, listing the Baujahr ("build year) as '42 (presumably 1942, which makes sense). And the fact it's a replica plate possibly, that is still very interesting. Making replica plates for original items is something restoration specialists routinely do in my (limited) experience, particularly where an antique vehicle is going to be driven, flown, etc., and is attached in the correct place while the precious original is held in safekeeping. (The restorer for my particular 1942 Ford GPW "Jeep" did that for me so that I could keep the original plate in a display case to preserve all its dents, scratches, etc.,, while the new one, with all the complete info and slightly askew stamps in the same places as the original, is much easier to read and can easily be replaced if stolen or otherwise damaged). Werk Nummer is obvious as is Serie Nummer but Sach Nummer is quite interesting (lower left plate) because the manufacturer in this case is listed as Lutherwerke of Braunschweig---and Lutherwerke license built Me110's, 210's and 410's right up until the end of the war (as vikingBerserker correctly deduced in my opinion). The founder, Luther, had established the very first milling machine manufacturing company in Germany in the 1800's (you can find the rest of this interesting history on Wikipedia). So these plates may not only be faithful repros, there may be more to their history than meets the eye. In any case, fantastic to have them and researching the Werk Nummers and the Serie Nummers could be a fun endeavor. One more piece of speculation---for the Tante Ju, the Zeich Nummer may be a reference to the building plan or specification group for that particular aircraft, which would be really interesting to see, if that's true, to what purpose or design spec to which it may have been built. Thank you for sharing the photos of these...hang on to 'em!
I happen to collect data/ID plates from WW2 German aircraft. I believe the four plates shown are reproductions. They appear to be related to a set of plates, all representing Luftwaffe airplanes, produced in the UK many years ago. My recollection is that they were first available in the '70s. Based on original plates, they are nicely made and could easily be mistaken for originals. The wartime forms are acid-etched with stamped entries, the reproductions I'm speaking of, of which I have examples, appear similar in form. All were made from new aluminum sheet. As first offered, each reproduction was affixed to a card that gave information on the associated aircraft. Some were also sold in frames. These plates are rarely seen today; I doubt many were made or that demand was high. Enjoy!


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