Captured He-111

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Sep 17, 2004
Moorpark, CA
Here are some shots of a captured He-111. Werke Nr. 701152, NT+SL. It was at Boxted until the end of the war. There was no "paperwork' on this aircraft. It was abandoned at RAF North Weald at the end of the war and is now an exhibit at the Battle of Britain display at Hendon.


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Yep, and sadly the last flying He-111 crashed about 18 months ago, killing 2. It lost an engine on final approach and crashed short of the runway. I had been trying to get to see that plane for a number of years and was always missing it. Sadly, it's gone now. :(
That's always the risk with keeping 'em flying - if they crash it's not like a case of a little fender bender - they tend to crash big, unless you're impossibly lucky. Still, I'm sure it was you who said, static exibits are little more than tombstones. The best thing is to calculate and minimise the risk as much as possible, but be always ready to accept it.

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