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I Need any PBY 5-A Catalina Flying Boats pictures that can be found on the Internet (Recent Color Photo's if possible) :D





great photos crazy!
I love the Catalina, it was a great workhorse for the navy. With its scouting and recon it was a great help to the war. Also downed pilots loved to see that bird come in to rescue them from an unfortunate bath.
Downed pilots...and ship crews. I read an article in a magazine (possibly Flight Journal) about Catalinas, including a brief story about a US destroyer being sunk with no other ships nearby. A Catalina landed, got 100+ sailors onboard (not just inside, on wings, fuselage, tail, etc) taxiied to a destroyer that was on its way, transferred the sailors to the destroyer, then flew back and picked up the rest (IIRC another 100 or so) and waited for the destroyer to arrive.

And great pics, I like the NZ the most of those above.
I love to see the photos of the PBY-5A Catalina for its size it just looks so well, graceful. It really is a joy to see it on videos. I can't imagine what it would be like seeing one fly in real-life. It must be incredible.
evangilder said:
Please do. You get to have ALL the fun! Hey, if you get out to CMA this year, are you going to take my up for a spin, er ride? I think we can leave the spin out!

I'll see what I could do for ya Evan! ;)
I'll tell ya - at the Museum, do you have a couple of tanks of Nitrogen? If I could get help from you guys with nitrogen and maybe a 28v start cart or batteries, I think I could get you a ride. I'll ask the guys today!
evangilder said:
Hmmm..not sure. I work on the museum side, not the maintenance side. I think a 28v start cart might be a tall order. Nitrogen we may have though.

The start cart is a luxury, the nitrogen is gold!

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