Cool documentary

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Sep 17, 2004
Moorpark, CA
There is a documentary film out now about Van Nuys airport called One Six Right. It talks about the airport from it's humble beginnings to now, as the world's busiest General Aviation airport. The visual experience of the flight scenes is awesome! Check out their website and look at the trailer and special DVD section. I think this is one for the wish list, guys.
My ole stomping grounds....

It's 45 miles from Fox Field - I new student pilots who would run down there thinking they were completing their short cross country, the FAA says 50 miles...

To remedy that you'd have to take off from Fox, fly 10 minutes to the north, do a touch and go at Rosemond and then head to Van Nuys...

I loved landing on 16L and having a T-6 or P-51 or F-5 along side of me landing on 16R..

Airtel and of course the 94th Aero Squadron were the great places for the $100.00 hamburger....
we used to have numbers hanging off tower railing and when it was slow and all you had was a couple of C 150s or such doing "crash and gos" we would rate the landings but our humour wasn't really appreciated by some ending our entertaiment

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