Czechs and Hospoda

How often do you go to pub?

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  • 2-4 times a week

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  • 1-3 times a month

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  • Less often

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Nov 3, 2004
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This is a survey done among the Czech population. Hospoda is a Czech word for a Pub and it's often the first word (along with Pivo - Beer) that they learn.

My two close friends were involed in this survey, and I believe they raised the statistics a bit.


How often do you visit Hospoda?
5-7 times a week: 1,2%
2-4 times a week: 1,4%
Once a week: 16,8%
1-3 times a month: 23,5%
Less often: 24,3%
Never: 20,2%

What do you most often drink in Hospoda?
Beer: 49%
Wine: 20%
Cold alcohol-free: 14,6%
Coffe/Tea: 9,2%
Rotgut: 3,2%
Drinks: 4%

Why do you ordinary visit Hospoda (Bar, Restaurant, Wine Cellar...)?

To chat with friends without consequence: 91%
To watch sport TV and to fan: 17,8%
To drink-up a party: 31%
Read the newspapers: 1%
Other reason: 6%
(Most frequent responds were dance, date and business meeting)

What is your personal record in number of done beers? (One beer=0,5 litre)
None: 14,4%
1 Beer: 8,4%
2 Beers: 14,1%
3 Beers: 11,6%
4 Beers: 7,9%
5 Beers: 9,2%
6 Beers: 5,4%
7 Beers: 5,7%
8 Beers: 7,7%
9 Beers: 1,5%
10-14 Beers: 11,1%
15+ Beers: 3%

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It's hard for me to drink a lot of beer because it fills me up. I'm much better at handling spirits. However, I still have managed eight in quick time. And a good flowing night I aim to be drinking a pint every thirty minutes.

That's a British pint, not American. American pints are 16 liquid ounces and British pints are 20 liquid ounces. Not only that but America liquid ounces are 4% smaller than British liquid ounces.
The Bitish beer definitely filled me up much faster than the American beer. Plus it is obviously stronger. When I first got to England, I got pretty toasted on 1 pint. 3 pints would typically get me pretty legless. I don't recall ever drinking more than 3 pints in one sitting, that was plenty for me.
I used to be in a pub darts team, bad news for trying to keep slim. Ten pints every Tuesday and Friday followed by a Chinese or Indian down the takeaway. :oops:
Yesterday, on one of my "stops" I met two (50 59) Britons from somewhere South-East, the one was a Lorry driver and I drank some whiskeys with them and talked about various shits. They were cool guys, they said they're here for a weekend off.

Most funny was "Wheo did yea pucket op yo English?"
I normally go about twice a week. Me and wife go on wednsdays normally have like a drink and walk home. Then on Friday's we go with all of our friends. I normally drink Krystal Weizen or Pils.

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