Dancing Light Beams

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Oct 7, 2010
Early in 1975 the lab branch of Air Force Cambridge Research Labratories (AFCRL) I was assigned to at the time: Strataform Cloud Physics Lab leased an isolated valley in Northern Calafornia outside Willitts. Dispite the local loggers being convinced we were preparing for armagedden we were really dropping various chemicals on the fog attempting to clear a hole to inable air resuppy to fire bases in Vietnam during monsoon.
Evening we decided to try a restaurant we had been told about some miles to the East. We all piled into the rental Plymouth station wagon and hit the road as the sun was setting through broken clouds. Not far up the road someone spotted light beams comming up out of a medow beside the road. They were less than 30 yds away and perhaps 15-20 ft below the road emanating from a geassy vally that had the appearence of having been grazed by sheep. One hundred or so yard away a number of low, rounded hills was hidind the sun that was just setting behind them as we all pilled out of the Plymouth. We were a mixed group of government scientists, statisticians, research technicians and troubleshooters. We stood at the edge of the bank stairing into the glaire of the setting sun that resembled the Japanese flag at what we all realized was not possable at our present level of technology. The gas and ruby lasers we were using to measure measure visability with our in-house developed devices were probably the only such devices in the state at thst time (early 70's). The appearently focused beams of pastal colors approxamatly 10-12 wide pulsed upslanty slighty away, in a rhythmic way clearly visable against the glare of the sun even as none of our lasers would have been. We had a perfectly servicable Robot 35mm cameria in the Plymouth but not one of us had the presence of mind to grab it. No one threw a stone or went down the bank the 30 or so yards to get a closed look. Strangingly for such a supposed inquisitive bunce we simply climbed back into the Plymouth and drove off. The driver did, however, forget to release the parking break till the drums began smoking. At supper nothing was said but on the drive home it was my turn to drive. Along the way I swerved to miss a deer, got into gravel on a curve and went off a cliff taking out a sign reading "500 Feet to Valley Floor".The Plymouth landed on its side on a huge mulberry bush just over the edge and hung there while we all scrambled up and out the drivers side windows. The Robot camera that had survived WWII was stomped to dearh in the process.
Thirty years later my old boss, the labs chief scientest who had been employed as an international technical advisor since his retirement stopped in the gun store I had retired to and we remanised about old times. As he turned to leave he stopped and turned back to ask if anyone ever discovered what those light beams were.
The curious can look up "The Glimmer Man" video. He was a CIA oprative specelizing in disinformation in order to discredit anyone reporting things "the government" wished to keep secret. It is the only place I've ever seen a reference to simular beams.
Unfortunately I've spent a lifetime being curious and looking up so I've seen thinks you people would'nt believe and consequently am considered "an unreliable witniss".

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