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My memory is long, my reach is far :twisted: ...I've only done 40 posts, and i can't find it :oops: ...You said something about the sex pistols, and the Queen, god bless her cotton socks. Remember....Anyway, we will talk about this tomorrow...i'm orf to bed.
:lol: I was joking with the Sex Pistols bit, m8. Believe me, I wasn't trying to be insulting.

Besides, they wrote it not me. :-"

Who cares about the Queen, she probably doesn't even know what country she's the Queen of she's so docile.

Anywho, I've heard about this too and it's not the largest jump in history. A Russian got that during the war and landed in loads of snow covered trees, softened his landing.
She fell? What did she do trip over someones bag and fall out of the aircraft? :lol:

No, Peter Griffin has the record. "Do not pull"
Nick Alkemade! I've met this man! A loooong time ago, I'm sure of it!
Agh!! I wish I could remember where or why, but I'm dead certain of it! I was just a kid, and I think it had something to do with my school. I knew that story sounded too familiar! I know I've met this man in person!

Thanks for the link, Med! :thumbright:

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