What Do Your Mean our Airplanes Are Not Ready?

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1st Sergeant
May 30, 2011
Cape Canaveral
My HS teacher was sent to lead others pilots to pick up new Stearman bipes at Wichita and bring them to NAS Corpus Christi. He decided they would pick them up the night before and get to spend the night someplace nicer on the way back compared to leaving in the morning. If the airplanes were to be picked up in the morning then they must be done by the afternoon of the day before, right?


They arrived to find that the airplanes were not ready. In fact they did not even exist yet. They showed him a piece of hardware that was the start of the serial number he was to fly home. He sent the other pilots to get a bite to eat and some rest. He watched the airplane that he would fly get built that night, piece by piece, rolling out complete the next morning. He did not mention if they had him do the test flight, too.

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