Discovery Wings Top 10 Fighters

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Apr 6, 2005
Listmania is underway again... DW is running an online voting competition that will likely stir up everyone once again.

Well, it annoyed me. In fact it is nigh on worthless because the list is too broad and omits some obvious warhorses like the Bf 109 and Zero... but includes such anomalies as the F22.
Thanks for the comments. I reckon it must have been put together by someone who is not a true fan. Even the Sea Harrier they include is the wrong one... the FA2 is the newer model and not the one which did so well in the Flaklands.
I dunno why bother doing the site and the channel when you do dumb stuff like this.
Much more fun on this site!
What a ridiculous list. The spitfire was a great plane, as is the F-15, but you cannot really compare the 2. If you are goin gto have a poll loike that, at least keep them in the same generation!
And to give the P-51 marks for inovation and particularly drop tanks, when the P-39 was the first AAF plane to use them (before the 51 was designed) and Lockheed was the leader in the technolegy, Not to mention the P-38/P-39 were using them Operationaly before the Merlin P-51 existed. P-51 politics stack up!

Guys who sit behind computers and read what other people read and then think they are experts in the field even though they have probably never felt the vibrations of an aircraft engine humming to life ever!
Haha, no kiddin. As patchy as that list is, the -22 is the most out of place. Although it is one of the most advanced fighters it has never been tried in combat. At least the others have a combat reputation.

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