**** DONE: 1/48 Arado Ar-196-A - Jet/Recon/Transport GB

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Thanks, all!
After some time off to make some money, I have applied the decals to the other side.
Or have I? Maybe it is clever computer stuff. Beats me, but here it is!

There are so many jobs that I go after, and I hear that I am "over qualified", I just want to scream. All because I have owned a couple of businesses in the past. Shoot, I'm not going to tell them how to run their business, I have run several into the ground. Bast@rds.
I just had to go back and check the other pic Paul, just wanted to be sure you weren't showing the flip side………………………………….just kidding. Looking good though.
That's lookin rather nice Paul......
I know what you mean about over qualified..... just don't tell them you owned it until the interview!
Then let them know Because you Owned the business, you know the one they hire Should show up Every day!
Looking good, Paul.

Bill.... That's an impressive set of GB Icons your sporting, there !

Boy, I'll say!
Looking like our boy Bill is getting to be a contender!
Pretty soon he will be giving the resident wizard a run for the money!
Seriously, I couldn't be more impressed by the level of improvement shown by Bill and so many others. I'm just an old hack and slash modeler, I learn new stuff and thoroughly enjoy the shared knowledge, and sharing the tricks I have gained over the years. But it is my most favorite thing to see others expand their skills. All of you, my friends, enter those contests. Spread the love of the hobby far and wide!
Oh, darn, now I sound silly.
I hate sounding silly.
But I am sincere.
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Getting closer to being done Paul looking good.
Bill.... That's an impressive set of GB Icons your sporting, there ! Charles

Charles, as I said to you Paul, it's almost embarrassing, I never expected to Ever be able to do that level of building. It's only because of the sharing everyone does in this forum. I've found myself among a good bunch of blokes. And I just like to fiddle.

Thanks for your encouragement.

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