**** DONE: 1/48 Bf109F-4 J.Steinhoff - Your Favorite Aircraft of All Time GB

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Nov 16, 2008
Cheers guys.

Too kind Terry. There are a lot of imperfections that a keen judge will pick up but we'll see. The cones are temperamental and it took me about a dozen tries to get two that looked the part.

Mass balances will go on today then final touchups for the cameras! Oh, and there are a couple of PE parts I've yet to put on - latches for the canopy and the stiffener in the oil cooler intake.


Nov 16, 2008
Thanks Igor. You'll see more engine pics below and in the "Finished" thread that will be posted shortly.

Well this will be the final progress post showing the last little bits and pieces going on. Some details on the canopy hood, mass balances and the oil cooler stiffener were added today to round out this build.

The first order of business was to create some knobs for the sliding panels on the canopy hood. These were done by painting a length of stretched sprue RLM 66 then flattening the ends with a hot knife. I cut 3 in case I lost one.

120519 knobs 1.jpg

In these next 2 close-ups, you can see the added knobs as well as the canopy release latch which was also added.

120519 knobs 3.jpg

120519 knobs 2.jpg

Next is a shot of one of the finished mass balances which looks much better cut down to scale.

120519 Mass Balance.jpg

This last batch of shots was taken as part of the series for the Finished" thread but will not be posted there as I picked 4 other optional shots. The stiffener in the oil cooler opening can be seen in this next shot.

120519 10 oclock low 2.jpg

This shot from slightly low starboard serves to show the finished brake lines, the flattened tires, and some of the streaking and oil staining added to the underside.

120519 2 oclock low.jpg

Close-up of the canopy:

120519 Pit Level.jpg

A shot from low 4 o'clock clearly showing the exhaust staining.

120519 4oclock low.jpg

And finally, the finished tail showing Steinhoff's 51 victories achieved up to that point.

120519 Tail.jpg

Thanks to all of you who have followed this build and for your comments along the way. Now it's back to my 410 for the final stages of its construction. See you there!


Master Sergeant
Aug 1, 2011
I love the detail on the canopy :D But....I especially love the engine and the detail there :D + the weathering on her (the engine) :) She (the model) turned out great :)


Senior Airman
Dec 27, 2010
That is one fine looking 109,really love the open cowl shot showing off that incredible engine detail! Very nicely done Sir!!! Looking forward to seeing the 410 finished as well!


Airman 1st Class
Aug 3, 2012
Sorry to bring up an old thread but this turned out amazing!! I have one of these kits stashed away!!

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