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Cheers everyone.

Had a little setback on the fix of the wing walk line on the port side. Not sure what happened but I created a bit of a divot in the wing whilst polishing the area and I had to fix it. (very soft plastic!) Yesterday was taken up bt more important family things but should be back at it with pics tonight.
Here are some update shots as promised. Frankly, I'm a little miffed at this repair attempt as it's just not getting done to my satisfaction.

I'll start with the good news which is that the starboard wing walk line repairs went very well with little to no silvering of the decals now apparent. Gloss coat and flat coat went on nicely as shown here:

120512 Stbd Wing.jpg

So now we have two shots of the divot that somehow formed on the port side. You can see in the two pics below the hollow from 6 to 9 dashes in from the leading edge of the wing. This was weird in that it formed during a light sanding but there's no paint removed in the bottom of the hollow. Hmmmm.

120512 Hole 1.jpg

120512 Hole 2.jpg

At any rate, I taped the area off and filled the depression with Squadron putty.

120512 Fill.jpg

After sanding and touch up, here's what I'm left with. I've sprayed the area with dullcoat but for some reason it stays glossier than the surrounding areas near this repair. The picture actually looks better than the real thing for a change.

120514 Repair.jpg

120514 Repair 2.jpg

So now I'm letting this sit overnight once more and tomorrow will try another dullcoat. All this is delaying the finish of this build as I don't want to get all the fiddly bits on til this is done. Any thoughts/hints on this are welcome.
Mmmm very interesting Andy haven't come across that problem before....the divot I mean....hopefully a light misting of the dull coat will get things back to a consistent finish?
Yes, very strange. Will do another dullcoat tonight but I'm afarid the more I work it the worse it will get. I had some of that dreaded white dusting occur as well and you can see a bit in the wing root still.
Might be a sink in the relatively thin plastic over the wheel well? It's not that noticeable, so maybe a very light dry-brush of dirt/dust over the area, along with similar marks and feint footprints on the wing root may disguise things?
Don't know guys. Yes, ICM's plastic is very soft and yes I sanded with 1200 grit very lightly but I have a feeling it was the solv-a-set that sat a little too long at this one point. Probably softened the plastic. If it was my sanding, I would have had to go through a layer of dullcoat, Future, RLM 74, RLM 75 before hitting bare plastic so I doubt this was it.

Anyhoo, will move on and will watch the decal solvent in future. Have yet to do another dullcoat spray and will let you know how it goes.

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